Methodical Approach to Assessing Food Safety of Ukraine

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  • ISBD: Mihus I. Methodical Approach to assessing Food Safety of Ukraine/ I. Mihus, M. Denisenko // Proceedings of the International Conference on Economics, Law and Education Research (ELER 2021) (Kyiv, 10-11 March 2021). Series: Advances in Economics, Business and Management Research. – Atlantis Press, 2021.- Vol. 170. – Pp. 1-7.

Methodical Approach to Assessing Food Safety of Ukraine

Iryna Mihus1, Mykola Denisenko

The article discusses the views of scientists on the assessment of Food safety of Ukraine and the threats that affect it. The main indicators on the basis of which the state of food safety of the state is assessed have been systematized. The proposed factors that determine the degree of food safety are divided into those that may have a long-term and short-term nature of action. It is proposed under the concept of "methodological approach to food safety assessment" to understand a set of methods for assessing the state of food safety at the strategic and tactical levels in order to develop measures to neutralize established and predictable threats. Strategic and tactical indicators of food safety assessment of Ukraine are distinguished, on the basis of which a methodical approach to food safety assessment has been developed. The peculiarity of the proposed methodological approach is the calculation of strategic indicators in two directions: in general, for all types of agricultural products and separately for each type of it; in Ukraine, in certain regions and at individual agricultural enterprises.

Keywords: economy, economic security, food safety, threats, methodical approach, strategy, tactics.

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