The economics of uncertainty: content, evaluation, and regulation

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  • Підрозділ: Кафедра теоретичної та прикладної економіки
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  • ISBN: ISBN 978-9916-9739-2-9
  • ISBD: The economics of uncertainty: content, evaluation, and regulation: collective monograph: / edited by I. Radionova. - Tallinn: Scientific Center of Innovative Researches OU, 2022. - 232 p.

The economics of uncertainty: content, evaluation, and regulation

Collective monograph edited by Iryna Radionova

The monograph gives prominence to an important phenomenon in the economic life of society, the relevance of which has increased significantly since the beginning of the XXI century. And it is here that the term «economic uncertainty» is used. The authors of this study tried to answer questions about the content and manifestations of economic uncertainty, and how to assess and regulate it. The emphasis is made on those processes and phenomena in the economic, social, and managerial spheres that have been influential in strengthening or, conversely, weakening (limiting) economic uncertainty.

The text of this monograph can be useful for lecturers of economics, management, and academics, as well as for specialists in various markets, students, and graduate students.

The authors of the monograph are grateful to all their readers and, especially, to those who will comment on the content of the work and the validity of the ideas presented in it.

This monograph is dedicated to the 30th anniversary of the KROK University (Kyiv, Ukraine)


  • Iryna Radionova
    The plurality of uncertainty economics meanings and public management concepts and models
  • Larysa Yemelianenko, Kseniia Zakharova
    Foresight in public management as a regulation tool under the conditions of economic uncertainty
  • Iryna Radionova, Yuliia Malkovska
    Institutional design of macro-financial security for the national economy stabilization
  • Vira Usyk, Viktor Dziubko
    Education and economic certainty: the relationship of the phenomena and implementation peculuarities regarding the real estate market
  • Iryna Radionova, Yana Fareniuk
    Data science analysis for management decisions with macro- and microeconomic uncertainty
  • Iryna Mihus
    Corporate management evaluation tools in joint stock companies under economic uncertainty conditions
  • Yana Koval
    Comparative analysis of methods for counteracting the legalization (laundering) of income obtained by criminal means
  • Olesia Ananieva, Myroslava Hofman
    The peculiarities of the research tools in the analysis of enterprise economics in a state of uncertainty
  • Halyna Pekna
    Competitive capacity of enterprises for economic stability and predictability
  • Vita Andrieieva
    Relevant real estate appraisal in minimizing economic uncertainty in entrepreneurial activity
  • Denys Potapenko, Iryna Trots
    The comparative analysis of economic stability and certainty tax provision: Ukraine VS Germany
  • Iryna Trots, Viktor Dziubko
    Innovative entrepreneurship and start-ups for the economy stabilization: world experience and application in Ukraine
  • Olena Krasota, Vita Andrieieva
    Social entrepreneurship as a tool of social inclusion under the conditions of economic uncertainty
  • Anatolii Topal, Yurii Pita
    Real estate market infrastructure as a factor of economic certainty and market stability
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