Patterns of cross-cultural behavior: Indian outlook

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  • ISBD: Soroka I.A. Patterns of cross-cultural behavior: Indian outlook / I. A. Soroka // International scientific and practical conference «Current trends and factors of the development of pedagogical and psychological sciences in Ukraine and EU countries»: conference proceedings (September 25–26, 2020). - Lublin: Izdevnieciba «Baltija Publishing», 2020. - Pp. 192-194.

Patterns of cross-cultural behavior: Indian outlook

Iryna Soroka Ph.D. in Psychology, Assistant Professor, Jindal Institute of Behavioural Sciences Sonipat, Haryana, India

The aim of this paper is to introduce the results of the research done in India on cultural specifics of business behaviour. Richard R. Gesteland identifies four main patterns of cross-cultural business behaviour, such as: deal focus vs. relationship focus, informal vs. formal cultures, rigid-time vs. fluid-time, emotionally expressive vs. emotionally reserved cultures.In conclusion, the results of this work show that while in some aspects there is a general agreement between researchers [1-4] describing Indian culture as collectivist, fluid-time and fairly formal the other ones are not so easy to identify. This can be explained by great diversity of religions, languages, traditions and customs within India, long complicated history, influence by other cultures and globalization. It will be beneficial for future work in this field of research to involve the Indian participants of different age categories as well as produce a cross-cultural study.

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