Pedagogy and psychology for high school students

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  • ISBD: Burlakova Iryna., Synhaivska Iryna., Malkova Tatiana., Petrunko Olga., Kondes Tetiana., Nakonechna Nataliia. Pedagogy and psychology for high school students. AD ALTA: journal of interdisciplinary research. - 2021. - Vol. 11, Issue 1, Special Issue XVII. - P. 28-32.

Pedagogy and psychology for high school students

Burlakova Iryna.; Synhaivska Iryna.; Malkova Tatiana.; Petrunko Olga.; Kondes Tetiana.; Nakonechna Nataliia

This article provides relevant information for students and teachers on making changes to the concept of teaching this discipline "Pedagogy and Psychology". A list of competencies with decoding for future specialists training in pedagogical and psychological specialties is given. The study highlights the topics and features of teaching the discipline in question in higher education. Organizational (managerial) culture of upbringing multidimensionally reveals the possibility of improving the upbringing and educational process quality. The implementation of the development of the recommended competencies and support with appropriate pedagogical support will gradually bring students to a different (systemic and reflective, rather than chaotic and intuitive) level of mastering a theoretically and methodically complex course of methodological foundations. This will lead to the development of a culture of oral speech, the ability to listen and hear others, to assess one's capabilities, and ideally to define oneself as a subject of professional training "here and now," and to an actual and meaningful need for it as the most important determinant of personal and professional movement.

Keywords: Higher education, Implementation methods, Pedagogy, Psychology, Training course.

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