Psychological features of the development of a corporate image

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  • ISBD: Psychological features of the development of a corporate image (Article) / N. Nakonechna, I. Synhaivska, Y. Zhyvohliadov, T. Malkova, O. Vasilchenko// Systematic Reviews in Pharmacy. - 2020. - Vol. 11, Issue 10. - Pp. 271-274.

Psychological Features of the Development of a Corporate Image

Nataliia Nakonechna, Iryna Synhaivska, Yuri Zhyvohliadov, Tatiana Malkova, Olga Vasilchenko

During the preparation of the article, research was carried out on the general psychological mechanisms of the formation and development of a corporate image. The analysis of the psychological prerequisites for the formation and development of the corporate image, as well as the conditions that optimize these processes. The article discusses the concept of an organization's image - it is a holistic perception (understanding and assessment) of an organization by various groups of the population, formed on the basis of information stored in their memory about various aspects of the organization's activities. The main emphasis in the article is shown that organizations pay special attention to the external image in the eyes of the public, that is, the external environment of any subject. It also proved that the internal image of the organization in the eyes of employees is very important. The research consisted in the formation of both external and internal image.

Keywords: psychology, image, organization, corporate image, internal image, external image.

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