Management and legal aspects of economic security of enterprises in the process of innovation

Management and legal aspects of economic security of enterprises in the process of innovation

V. Blikhar, M. Kopytko, O. Patsula, V. Synenkyi, V. Bulachek

Today, the activity of innovatively active enterprises is a rarity in our country, and it never need support and stable operating conditions. However, a number of negative, both external and internal factors and threats significantly destabilize the state of functioning of innovatively active enterprises in Ukraine. In pandemic, their influence has only increased and requires decisive management decisions that would guarantee the safety of business for these enterprises. For the effective implementation of security policy management of the activities of innovatively active enterprises, an effective mechanism is needed, which should include proper resource provision. It is impossible to carry out effective business security and implement planned management decisions without the proper amount of resources. The importance of resource support for business security management of innovatively active enterprises is proved, taking into account legal aspects. It has been established that the efficiency of the financial and economic activity of an innovatively active enterprise depends, first of all, on a certain set of resources at the disposal of the given enterprise. Resources are always limited, so each innovatively active enterprise must determine which goals will ensure the most productive use of these resources. The main factor in the development of enterprises on the verge of the fifth and sixth technological modes is the ability to ensure the flexibility of the production and management process and the relationship between the quality of technology development and active innovation. The purpose is to form the choice of the type of business security management in the innovation sphere under the influence of COVID-19, taking into account legal aspects. The research methodology includes methods of graphic display.

Keywords: innovation, security, economic security, enterprises, management.

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