Інтелектуальний феномен Є. Маланюка - публіциста: коментарі до «Нотатника» (із записів 1953 р.)

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Інтелектуальний феномен Є. Маланюка - публіциста: коментарі до «Нотатника» (із записів 1953 р.)

Момот Неля Миколаївна кандидат філологічних наук, доцент кафедри міжнародних відносин та суспільних комунікацій ВНЗ «Університет економіки та права «КРОК» (Київ)

У статті зроблено коментарі до записів Є. Маланюка 1953 р., які він опублікував у «Віснику ООЧСУ». Зроблено акцент на недослідженій публіцистиці письменника, цінній у змістовому плані та колоритній за художньою вартістю. Зроблено висновок про високу інтелектуальну складову історичних, політичних, культурологічних розмислів автора. Зазначено глибоку аналітику зокрема процесів українізації та русифікації в Україні періоду 1921 - 1929 рр.

Ключевые слова: публіцистичний дискурс, емоційний компонент, риторика, рефлексія, національний світогляд, українізація, русифікація.

Y. Malanyuk-publicist's intellectual phenomenon: comments on the "notebook" (from the records of 1953)

N. Momot Candidate of Philology, Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of International Relations and Public Communications, «KROK» University

This article describes the comments to Ye. Malaniuk’s notes 1953, which he has published in the “Visnyk ODFFU”. Unexplored publicistic of a writer is emphasized, which is valuable in a meaningful way and racy in an art worth. High intellectual continuent of historical, political and culturological thought of author are concluded. The deep analytics of process of Ukrainization and Russification in Ukraine 1921-1929 is also indicated. Notes 1953 are commented, which were the answer to some social and political Ukrainian issues, that have been actualized after Stalin’s death. Malaniuk was attracted by odious men, in particular O. Kerenskyi and F. Hladkov, activities of whom were connected not only with Russia but also with Ukraine. The writer’s discussion with opponents is reflected. It is indicated that Malaniuk as a member of 1917-1920 events points on mistakes and miscalculations of Bolsheviks. Publicistic is determined as a tactical response to the event, which in the same way calls a reader’s response. That’s why it is concluded that exactly a form of posts in “Visnyk” became that sources from which the social thought of Malaniuk has appeared, his position of Ukrainain-fighter, whom he stayed during the life. Quoting the opponent he debates with him, speaks, convincing by facts, he proves his own position. Art details are there in the text – strokes, details with a help of which Malaniuk tries brightly to play the social picture to be more convincing, to fill logical proofs in. Posts neatly, shortly and keenly depict the problem, add them material character. It was in Malaniuk’s life style position – not to be aside, not to be indifferent to the fate of Ukrainians. The content of publicistic is to estimate the social phenomenon, to show its comprehension. And Malaniuk reaches it. His thoughts are needed further explorings because it is not something material, it is a logic of judgements, which help to describe current things.

Keywords: publicistic discourse, emotional component, rhetoric, reflection, national outlook, Ukranization, Russification.

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